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Cardio work and tone your muscles through our comprehensive boxing program, taught by world champion fighter and UFC veteran, Will Campuzkon.  Learn how to punch and move like a pro and incur your fight IQ.  Whether you’ve never thrown a punch or are a golden gloves champ, you will love this class … all experience levels welcome!!

TRAINER BIO: Will Campuzano

Growing up in east Texas, William was the kid that was looking for fights and starting trouble. “There’s not much else to do in a small town like that” says Will. For him, fighting wasn’t just about proving a point. Fighting was his adrenaline rush, his hobby, his life, and eventually would become his career.

William Campuzano started his MMA career in the small east Texas town of Mount Pleasant. While attending a Tae Kwon Do class of the local college, he caught the eye of Marcus Lanier. A professional fighter who was the owner of a small gym, Mercenary Martial Arts. Marcus invited Will to train and eventually fight under his instruction. Needless to say William anxiously accepted and took his first smoker bout 2 short weeks after his first class. Following his dream, he traveled out to Dallas, in search of bigger opportunities and different training partners. William landed in the care of Brazilian JuJitsu specialist Allen Mohler. He has now been with Mohler’s MMA for 2 years now.

Since then, Will has evolved into a dangerous striker with good ground and wrestling skills. In his newly developed career he has fought 2 world contenders and is well on his way to becoming the new 135 lb champion! A serious force to be reckoned with!

“I’m passionate about what I do if I wasn’t, I’d be in some cave somewhere. LOL”








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