Michelle VALEN


Michelle Valen

About Me

After years of being a Producer/Director of commercials and corporate video, my 80 hour weeks were catching up to me. Being a fitness instructor of kickboxing and step aerobics at the time, I realized had way to much yang and not enough yin in my life. I walked into a yoga class and it honestly it felt like home. I couldn’t do the poses and I spent most of that hour just staring at others in disbelief and confusion. I came in tight and beat up from over 25 years of dance and leaping and turning on hard floors. My body reacted in such a beautiful surprising way. It longed to be stretched and strengthened in a different way. I didn’t need to punch and kick to get strong. As my journey began, I found my light was getting brighter and brighter with each class. My breath was getting stronger and deeper. I found the freedom to be FREE – Free to express movement, emotion and gratitude. To be BRAVE -To try things I thought impossible, to lose myself in movement and learn to quite the mind. And it allowed me to reconnect with ME! Being a Mom of two boys is very busy and loud. Yoga helped me reconnect with my body, my breath and my soul. I find peace with every breath and gratitude with every class. I love being a yoga teacher and am truly grateful for the best job in the world.

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