Tata Brutton

Tata Brutton


My name is Tata Brutton and i’ve been a Zumba instructor for 3 years now and Strong by Zumba instructor – HIIT format for 1 year .
I have been doing Zumba for 8 years now after we moved to Prosper in 2009 and found out about this super fun format ,were you have no idea you are working out and burning tons of calories ,so i decided to become an instructor….being a Latina (Peruvian) helps a little with those hip moves you know……

I’ve been married for 24 years ,have 2 kids, Patrick (21),he attends Texas A&M in College Station and my daughter, Miranda (17) is a High School Senior at PHS ,Whaaa???

I am super excited to be part of The Cell!!!!

Zumba hugs!!!